Personality Poker®

Contrary to conventional wisdom, opposites do not attract.  As a result, organizations hire and retain people who think alike. Although this is great for efficiency, it destroys innovation.

The key to high performing innovation teams is make sure that each individual is “playing to their strong suit” while the organization as a whole is “playing with a full deck.” You need to make sure you have all of the innovation styles fully addressed in your organization.

There are four primary styles with two sub-styles for each:

Do you love facts and principles?

Do you crave new ideas and experiences?

Do you delight in planning and taking action?

Are you a people person who takes relationships seriously?

In other words, are you spade, diamond, club, or heart?

Find out by taking one of the quickest, easiest, and entertaining personality assessments ever to hit the business market. Over 50,000 individuals in dozens of Fortune 500 companies have played Personality Poker® to spur innovation and optimize growth. Individuals use specially designed cards and Shapiro’s cutting-edge techniques to identify their personality “hand,” which reveals where they really belong in their organization and how they can maximize their contribution.

While playing Personality Poker® you will uncover:

  • your innovation strengths
  • your innovation blind spots; how you detract from innovation
  • who you should partner with on innovation efforts
  • how your greatest strength may ultimately limit your success
  • how to influence others and get the right people in the right roles
  • how others see you, which might be very different from how you see yourself
  • which tasks you should avoid and why certain skills may prove challenging
  • why certain leadership styles are more likely to fail—and what you can do about it

Personality Poker® will help both individuals and organizations reach new levels of performance.

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