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Stephen Shapiro is the author of several best selling innovation books…

40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition

Selected as the best innovation & creativity book of 2011 by 800-CEO-READ, and an international #1 best selling business book

Well-intentioned leaders, in their attempts to boost innovation, are inadvertently destroying it.

What if everything you know about creating a culture of innovation is wrong? What if the way you are measuring innovation is choking it?  What if your market research is asking all of the wrong questions?

It is time to innovate the way you innovate.

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The Playing Card Tool for Driving High-Performance Teamwork and Innovation

Personality Poker is a fast-paced, highly interactive game that helps employees (and organizations) understand how they contribute to – and detract from – the innovation process. Participants trade 52 specially designed poker cards with each other. The objective is to get a perfect hand that reveals your preferred innovation style and how you can best contribute to the success of your organization.  This game will help you discover…

  • how your innovation strength may ultimately limit your success
  • how to get the right people in the right roles – and where you may currently be misaligned
  • how others see you – and how that might be different than how you see yourself
  • why certain leadership styles are more likely to fail–and what you can do about it
  • why the person you like the least may be the person you need the most

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A Blueprint for Surviving and Thriving in an Age of Change

24/7 innovation bookWhether you are a leader or a pursuer, 24/7 Innovation takes you beyond the rigid policies, prescriptive processes, and fragmented organizational structures that have stifled true innovation for too long. This step-by-step book shows you how to instill a mindset of continuous innovation at every level of your organization, one that will allow you to achieve and sustain a leadership position in any market. It outlines a lean, action-based framework designed to put your organization in the state of “perpetual innovation” that is necessary for creating sustainable business success.
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How to Have the Life You Want NOW!

Goal-Free Living BookWe are taught from a young age that in order to achieve great success wemust set and achieve our goals. However in doing so, we become focused on where we are going rather than enjoying where we are right now. We sacrifice today in the hope that a better future will emerge, only to discover that achievement rarely leads to true joy. Goal-Free Living presents an alternative philosophy – that we can have an extraordinary life now, all without goals and detailed plans. By living for each moment, it’s possible to have a successful life and follow your passions at the same time.

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75 Tips for Turning Creativity into Profitability

Innovation Ideas BookWould you like to increase the level of innovation within your organization?

Would you like to enhance your own personal creativity?

Now you can get over 75 tips for turning creativity into profitability in “Stephen Shapiro’s Little Book of BIG Innovation Ideas.”

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