Your Customers Are Taking You for Granted

June 19, 2013

When Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie hit the theaters, I was first in line to watch it. There was a scene where Bond receives a very sensual shave with a straight edge razor from an attractive woman. The process looked very meditative and I wanted to try it for myself. I went to a store to buy a straight edge razor, but was advised to start with a “safety razor” (see picture below). This was the kind of razor my father used years ago. I got the razor, the […]

Attributes of All Successful People

June 17, 2013

During a recent speech in Copenhagen, I tried an experiment. With the help of 5 individuals, we explored the 5 traits of all successful people. I think you will agree that we identified some traits that ALL successful people share.

Spread the Happiness

June 14, 2013

We have all heard that smiles are contagious.  Is that really the case? There have been numerous studies that show that not only does a smile physiologically change your own mood, but it can also alter the mood of those around you. A smile causes a shift in our brain chemistry that assists us in extending our lifespan by managing stress, reducing pain, lowering our heart rate, reducing blood pressure and acting as a natural anti-depressant. An article in Psychology Today examines the impact a smile has on our brain. […]

Do Not Develop Breakthrough Innovation

June 11, 2013

A client recently asked me why large companies never develop “breakthrough” innovations, and instead rely on buying small companies or licensing their technologies. He felt that the game changing innovations were always the result of someone “tinkering in a garage,” like Michael Dell or Mark Zuckerberg. He wondered how his organization could replicate the innovation style of start-ups as a way of developing these major innovations in-house. I told him this was a bad idea. For every Facebook, there are thousands of companies that invested millions of dollars, but were […]

Spend Your 24 Hours Wisely

June 7, 2013

Time is a fixed commodity.  We all get to enjoy the same 24 hours a day as everyone else.  But for some, this is not enough to do everything they want. Therefore, whenever I am on the road and I am deciding how to spend my time, I ask, “Is this something I can only do here and now?” For example, I was recently in San Francisco.  In comparison to the temperatures in Boston, the weather was warm enough to enjoy the beach. Therefore I took advantage of this luxury […]

Innovation at Shell

June 5, 2013

I recently spent 2 days with various groups at Shell in the Netherlands. Afterwards, Pieter Pulleman wrote this two page article on my presentation and other innovation activities at Shell. As you can see the title of the article is a mantra of mine: “Forget out-of-the-box thinking and best practices!” The article starts… The more you know about a subject, the more difficult it is to come up with an innovative solution. Out-of-the-box thinking gets in the way of innovation and best practices are dull. That is part of the message […]

My SUCCESS Magazine Audio Interview

May 13, 2013

Today’s Monday Morning Movie is actually an audio file… In the October 2012 issue of SUCCESS Magazine, there was a four page article by yours truly. You’ve been able to read the article online since it was published. (It is the cover article; “Innovate of Die!”) However, unless you subscribe to the magazine, you will not have heard my 22 minute interview with SUCCESS Magazine’s publisher, Darren Hardy. It was on the CD included with the magazine, but not available anywhere else. Darren was kind enough to give me permission […]

Facts About Happiness That May Surprise You

May 11, 2013

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… At the end of this month, I will be speaking in Copenhagen at a Happiness at Work Conference.  This got me thinking about what it is that makes people truly joyous. Business Insider gathered some research on this topic and amassed 36 Scientific Facts about happiness, some that may come as a surprise. Here are a few of my favorites: You have to earn 2.5x as much money to be as happy working for someone else as you would be working for yourself:  Perhaps that is […]

A Toast to Creativity

April 26, 2013

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… In previous posts, I have shared a variety of activities that I engage in to still my mind and foster more creative thinking.  These include activities like walking on the beach, meditating or sitting in the hot tub. Andrew Jarosz for the University of Illinois shares another way… drinking alcohol. In his recent study, Jarosz found that a moderate level of alcohol “loosens a person’s focus of attention, making it easier to find connections among remotely related ideas.” The study included 40 men, all of whom […]

Be Alive; Be Creative

April 17, 2013

Here’s the transcription of my Monday Morning Movie… The other day I attended a small group session on creativity. Less than a dozen people were in the room, from all walks of life. Most of them weren’t from the world of business. The facilitator asked the question, “What is creativity?” I decided to sit back and see what others would say. I heard the types of responses that I would typically hear if I asked that question in a corporation. For example, it’s about new ideas. It’s about novelty. It’s […]

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