Turn Everything Upside Down

January 23, 2013  

I love to take baths as home.  But the water never seemed deep enough. When I would fill the tub up with 9 inches of water, the overflow plate would prevent more water from entering the bath.

I tried a number of ways to cover the drain hole, including Saran wrap, duct tape, and plastic bags. But none of these approaches worked exceptionally well.  I looked at drain hole covers for sale on Amazon.com, but they all seemed clunky and unreliable.

Then I had an idea.

I simply unscrewed the drain plate, turned it upside down, and refastened it. Voila!  The hole is now on the top  of the plate. I have an extra 3 inches of water in the tub. This is an extra 33%! And I still have the benefit of the drain hole just in case I forget to turn off the water.

This got me thinking: Where else can you turn things upside down to develop new solutions?

Of course conditioner and ketchup bottles have been literally doing this for a while now.

But how might you turns things upside down figuratively?

Here are some useful questions to help you look at a problem, or your company, differently:

  • What do you always do?  Do the opposite.
  • What is your competition doing? Do the opposite.
  • What have you never done? Do it.
  • What is no one else doing? Do that!
  • What do you always do last? Do it first. (or vice versa)
  • What is the least important thing you do?  What if it was now the most important? (or vice versa)
Surface and challenges assumptions. Look at the world differently. How can you get an extra 33% just by quickly turning things upside down?

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