SUCCESS Magazine Cover Story

September 15, 2012  

The October issue of SUCCESS Magazine recently hit the news stands.  The cover story – Innovate or Die - is 3 pages dedicated my perspectives on how to innovate more effectively. If you get the physical copy (with CD), you will also find a 23 minute audio interview with me and the publisher, Darren Hardy.

In the article I answer six critical questions:

  • What would be your one piece of advice for a small-business owner or entrepreneur who wants to be more innovative?
  • Why do you believe expertise is the enemy of innovation?
  • Why should you work with people who are not like you?
  • What should someone look for in partnerships?
  • What is the #1 cause of innovation failure?
  • Is innovation always about creating products and services that are better and faster?

Read the entire article on (only until October 11)

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