10 Years Ago Today

October 11, 2011  

Ten years ago today was my last day with Accenture.  The day before I had my book launch party for my first book, 24/7 Innovation. October 11, 2001.

I recently found a notebook from about 15 years ago.  In it, I found an interesting entry from November 1996.  In it, I declared where I wanted to be five years in the future.

At that time, Dr. Michael Hammer, the father of reengineering, was one of the most influential people in the world, and someone I admired.

My declaration was that I wanted to be the Michael Hammer of the next wave – giving speeches, writing books, and traveling the world.  Five years later, almost to the day, my first book was published, I became a “professional speaker,” and I started traveling the world.  The next wave happened to be “innovation.”

Below is part of what I wrote.  It’s amazing to think that one day I had a vision for where I wanted to be and, voila, somehow it materialized.

Here’s hoping that all of your aspirations come true.

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