November 19, 2009  

I am now in Newport News, Virginia preparing for my speech tomorrow at TEDx NASA.  There will be 1700 aerospace engineers and scientists in the audience. My topics is titled “Innovation is in the Space.”

I have only 6 minutes for my presentation.  This may prove to be my most challenging speech yet!  Blaise Pascal (not Mark Twain) once wrote (originally in French), “I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had time to make it shorter.”

45 minute speeches are easy.  I can do them in my sleep.

Other speakers at this event have as much as 18 minutes. I know, from a conversation with one of them that 18 minutes is proving to be a challenge.  Imagine what it is like to prepare for a 6 minute speech.

They asked me if I could deliver anything meaningful in 6 minutes!  I responded that my TV interviews are usually 3 minutes long – and the interviewer is talking half of the time.  So 6 minutes is plenty.  Hey, Toastmasters champions are able to deliver a powerful speech with 7 minutes.

If you want to see me and everyone else (including Mitch Albom) live through your computer, join us at 10AM EST at livestream.com/tedxnasa2009

My speech is from 2:20PM – 2:26PM EST.

I will post a transcript of my speech next week.  And I believe that the video will be available sometime in the near future.  Enjoy!

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