Complete Idiots’s Guide to Target Marketing

November 17, 2009  

My good friend Susan Friedmann just released her next book today, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Target Marketing.”

Do you want to get the word out to buyers about all the great things your business has to offer, but a big-bucks marketing campaign just isn’t in your budget? Now you can get the expert information you need about how to get the word out.

Susan’s book is full of clever, practical, and easy-to-use strategies to help you get your message out to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. In this Complete Idiot’s Guide®, you get:

  • Savvy ways to identify your most lucrative niche markets.
  • Viral marketing, blogging, webinars, and other web marketing ideas to reach your buyers.
  • Creative public relations strategies that can help you reach your goals inexpensively.
  • Powerful buzz-building methods to reach and impress your target market.
  • The most effective ways to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

And much more…

If you order a copy today, you’ll receive a bonus pack of downloadable e-books, audio, and video programs, special reports, and articles – hundreds of dollars worth of free materials from some of the country’s most successful business strategists.

One of the free items is my Personality Poker® self-assessment and a 30 minute video. This simple quiz allows you and your team to determine your innovation style – and what it means to your organization.  Think of it as a Personality Poker® simulator.

I’m told that today is the only day that this offer will be available — so act now!

For more details about this offer and to buy your copy of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Target Marketing” go to

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