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April 16, 2008  

Personality Poker™ for Innovation – Taking orders now, shipping mid-July

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Personality Poker is a fast-paced, highly interactive game that helps employees (and individuals) understand how they contribute to – and detract from – the innovation process. This is a personality test specifically designed for innovation and gives you yet another valuable tool to enhance both your professional and personal lives.

How Do You Play?

All participants trade 52 specially designed poker cards with each other. The objective is to get a perfect hand that reveals your preferred innovation style and how you can best contribute to the success of your organization. This is the only form of poker where you are guaranteed to come out a winner every time.

This game will help you discover…

* why the person you like the least may be the person you need the most
* how your innovation strength may ultimately limit your success
* how to get the right people in the right roles – and where you may currently be misaligned
* a common mistake that people make when selling to others – and how you can easily correct it
* how others see you – and how that might be different than how you see yourself
* why certain leadership styles are more likely to fail–and what you can do about it
* how to improve your relationships – both professionally and personally

If you want to have 24/7 Innovation, where innovation is part of your organization’s DNA, then it is not about finding your strengths; it is about finding how your strengths work best with your team.

Rave Reviews

“Stephen Shapiro brought a Las Vegas level of energy to the group. He made the session not only useful and relevant to understanding of personality mixes and their impact on driving or blocking innovation, but also highly interactive with a lot of audience participation. When you are in a series of presentations at meetings, energy can run out of the room. It didn’t with Stephen’s Personality Poker!”
Andrew Bushell, Head of Innovation, Novartis Consumer Health

“Personality Poker is an entertaining and engaging exercise. The end result is consistent with ‘other’ personality tests, but you can get a team there a lot quicker and have more fun doing so. Plus your understanding of how it matters in the bigger innovation picture really sticks. Fantastic!”
Michele Egger, Innovation Operations, Chevron

“Personality Poker is a fun and engaging approach to both personal assessment and understanding team dynamics. This approach helped me recognize how my own problem-solving approach may complement (or clash) with other team members, and gave me useful insights into future team development.”
Ben Cowles, P&C Business Insurance Service Operations, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

“I thought I’d seen just about every profiling tool there was. Until now, those I’ve seen all required you to fill out questionnaires that are boring and can lead to biased answers. But Personality Poker got to the desired endpoint more quickly, more engagingly, and with less bias than any of these.”
Rob, S., Innovation Champion and Facilitator, R&D Division, A Major Pharmaceutical*

“Personality Poker is both enlightening and engaging. It is similar to other personality test, but is a lot more FUN! It’s a great exercise for any organization to inject some excitement while learning how to create functional teams.”
Tom Morgan, General Manager of Innovation & Process Improvement, Premier Manufacturing Support Services

“If you’re looking for an engaging, invigorating and creative way to kick off your conference or meeting, I highly recommend Personality Poker!”
Randal White, V.P. Innovation Engineering, Imaginatik, plc

“My experience with group style awareness exercises is that they are like getting five-year-olds to take medicine – unpleasant to administer and having benefits that are little understood by the patients. Personality Poker is actually fun and most important, very thorough in understanding team member styles as well as one’s own. The result must be a higher probability of stronger teams with a greater utilization of strengths and acceptance of differences.”
Bruce Harned, President, MarketFit Associates

To order, go to our 24/7 Innovation Shopping Cart

Instruction Manual

In addition to the cards, an 85 page instructor’s manual helps you play the game, interpret the results, and embed innovation in your organization. The manual includes the following:

1. Quick Start Guide

2. Getting a Winning Hand

* Step 1 – Distributing the Cards
* Step 2 – Ranking Cards
* Step 3 – Improving Your Hand
* Step 4 – The Bargain Basement Sale
* Step 5 – Giving Others Cards (optional)

3. Finding Your Primary Style

* Selecting Your Primary Suit
* Interpreting Your Primary Style
o Suits
o Colors
o Numbers
* Secondary Styles
* Complementing (Opposite) Styles
* What if My Cards Don’t Fit the Pattern?
* Stress Styles
* Repressed Styles

4. The Four Styles in More Detail

* Overview
o How they communicate
o How they make decisions
o How you can best communicate with them
o How to sell to them
o How they act under stress
o How they decompress
* Spades: The Thinkers
* Clubs: The Planners and Doers
* Hearts: The Relaters
* Diamonds: The Creatives and Experiencers

5. The Styles and the Innovation Process

* The High-Level Innovation Process
* How Innovation REALLY Works
* How Each Style Contributes to Innovation
o Phase 1: Define the Opportunity
o Phase 2: Find Solutions
o Phase 3: Strengthen, Select, and Plan
o Phase 4: Implement
* Getting a Balanced Team
* Organization Innovation Styles
* Making Your Style Visible to Others
* Style Description Sheet

6. Frequently Asked Questions

* Should I play to my strengths or improve my weaknesses? Can people change?
* I’m an entrepreneur. How can I use the poker concept to help me improve my business?
* What does it mean when people give me cards that are different than the ones I selected for myself?

7. Alternative Rules for Playing

* Guess Everyone’s Style
* A Full Year of Solitaire
* Focused Quick Cut

8. A Sample Script (of a 45 minute ice breaker)

About the Cards

These high-quality cards are manufactured by the same company that makes playing cards for Las Vegas casinos.

More in depth support materials, such as audio and video, will be available for purchase as part of our “virtual train the trainer.”

Licensing opportunities available.

Innovation Speeches Using the Cards

Stephen Shapiro is also available to deliver Personality Poker™ as a speech for your organization. He can provide in-depth insights into the innovation process and the innovation personalities. He has delivered Personality Poker™ to audiences ranging from 8-to-800 people. This is a great, high-energy session to kick off your next event. It can be combined with Stephen’s other speech topics.


We are taking orders now and will start shipping mid-July. We already sold out our first print run and are awaiting more.

To order, go to our 24/7 Innovation Shopping Cart

Patent Pending

* Some VERY big companies prefer that their name not be used in official endorsements.

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