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November 5, 2007  

Antony from Sydney, Australia has sent me dozens of great quotes. Today, he is providing his own personal quote.

“I just realized that few of the greatest things I’ve achieved in this life were planned years before. On the contrary, the greatest opportunities would certainly never have resulted without the failure of major goals. It is awesome to think that my greatest achievements in the future are unimaginable now and that I’ll be able to decide what to do as I’m doing it (quoting Paul Graham). This idea makes me feel that I’ll be alive, rather than the idea that I have to make lots of decisions now and then just follow the instructions for years into the future.” – Antony

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  1. Susan Plunkett on November 25th, 2007 6:11 am

    One of the most important pieces of wisdom I’ve ever heard was:

    “It’s not if you’re good enough for the job but if the job is good enough for you.”

    I think this is sublime. :)