A Really Creative Guy

May 22, 2007  

No guy wants a beer belly.  Right?  Most would rather have a “six-pack.”  Of course.  But what if you could have a six-pack AND a beer belly at the same time?  Well, now you can.  The Beerbelly is a “removable spare tire” that holds 80 oz of beer (more than a six-pack), allowing you to bring your favorite beverage into any event.  Yesterday I spoke with the product’s inventor, Brooks Lambert. 

Brooks told me that his company,  Under Development Inc, was born to help others develop their ideas. His most famous invention – The Beerbelly – started out more or less as a joke that took on a life of its own. “We let the group choose a problem to solve, and then brainstormed ideas about solutions. The next thing you know, a buddy and I are cutting up a wetsuit and stuffing a CamelBak (a hands-free hydration system used by hikers) bladder in as an example of rapid prototyping.” That day, the Beerbelly was born.  Their latest invention is the female version, called the Winerack.  I’ll let you guess what that is.

Although these are fun products, Brooks’ main interests lie in more “socially redeeming” ventures. One day, Brooks and some buddies were brainstorming ideas. “We thought it would be cool if we could make a surf chair for the kids who can’t hold themselves up. The next day I made some calls and we found a race car seat manufacturer who was willing to make a custom shaped aluminum seat. We then got one of our local surfboard shapers to build a custom board to accommodate the chair, crossed our fingers, and voila, the surfchair was born. It works way better than we imagined and now it gets used on a regular basis.” This invention is used as part of the Ride-A-Wave charity, a 100% volunteer/nonprofit group that takes kids with all kinds of disabilities out surfing for the day.

I loved Brooks’ creativity and energy so much that I decided to do a podcast with him next week. Stay tuned for a wildly entertaining audio program!

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2 Responses to “A Really Creative Guy”

  1. Andy on June 7th, 2007 8:34 pm

    This is perfect for the lazy drinker. All the hassle involved in having to get up after every 12 ounces to grab a new one is solved. Now if there were just a system to take care of the frequent urination problem that could result because of this.

  2. Elizabeth on June 15th, 2007 10:43 pm

    How much fun would it be to see a bunch of model looking guys walking around Waterworks with this invention? I would be interested in seeing how the women reacted.