Phrase Concerns as Opportunities

April 18, 2007  

One of the most simple, yet most powerful approaches for increasing your creativity potential is to phrase concerns as opportunities. 

When brainstorming, inevitably someone will say, “We don’t have enough time to implement this idea,” or “We don’t have enough money.”  When you say this, you are stating it as fact.  Instead, state this concern as an opportunity.  For example, “How might we get more money?”  Or, “How might we do this for less money?” 

Once you have a new opportunity defined, you can use creativity techniques to find new solutions.

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One Response to “Phrase Concerns as Opportunities”

  1. Belladonna on April 18th, 2007 1:16 pm

    I agree that the words we use have tremendous power over our perceptions and how we experience our lives.

    One of the things I have practiced in never saying “I can’t”, but rather phrasing my limitations in “I have not mastered that yet” which leaves it open to the possibility that I COULD learn how if I chose to apply myself.