Leaky Ceiling Leads to Creative Solution

April 17, 2007  

Leaky CeilingYesterday, I was at a conference in a posh New York City hotel.  While we were inside, the rain was relentless outside.  As the day progressed, it started to rain inside too.  The ceiling sprouted several leaks.  At first the hotel staff used the standard approach for catching the water - white plastic buckets.  But remember, this is an upscale hotel.  Plastic buckets are not very attractive.  Besides, as the buckets filled up, we would get an annoying “ploink” sound with every raindrop. 

The hotel came up with a clever solution.  They replaced the buckets with live plants.  These are much more attractive, the water nourishes the trees, and the “ploink” sound was muted.

Simple yet creative.

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  1. Mary Elaine Kiener on April 23rd, 2007 2:28 pm

    Were you by any chance at the Omega Institute “Being Fearless” Conference? Would love to know your feedback! I was a first-time attendee, serving as an “ASK ME Info Volunteer”.