My Jabberwock

April 20, 2006  

Here is a wonderful poem written by a wonderful friend, Susanne Goldstein. It beautifully describes the oneness of everything. Enjoy.

It was neither tall nor short. Open or shut.
The dark helped the light and the light signified change and healing.
It wasn’t really bad or good or narrow. Maybe the middle.
Or perhaps the edge.
Depending on leanings and dealings and the crest of the moon.
It wasn’t really in or out, or up or down.
The magic
The mystery,
The plain vanilla fantasy.
It was and it wasn’t.
It can and it won’t be.
The hot-side-jump-jive-get-no-sleep-damn-pride or
the slow-beat-noodle’s-steeped-couch-is-deep-heavy-sigh.
It’s all one.

My Jabberwock (c) 1997 Susanne Goldstein

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