Letter from a Dear Friend

April 14, 2006  

I recently received an email from a great friend of mine from London, Kate. Last time we spoke, she had an amazing, high profile job that was perfect for her; it was her calling. And she was loving living in London — her home of many years after she left Australia. It had been over a year since our last communication. Below is a portion of her email. This is a great example of “trusting that you are never lost.” Sometimes leaping before you look can lead to wonderful results.

Worlds change as mine did when I least expected it. I met a gorgeous man with whom I fell in love with and to whom I am now engaged. We met over a year ago and within 2 weeks we knew that “this was it.” So simple at the end of the day. He was from Germany, and was living and working in London. Soon after we met, he was called back to Germany. A really hard time given that we had only been together for 4 months.

So, I made the big decision to leave my job – which was a very big “at the time” decision – to move to Germany. We now live in Munich and I absolutely love it.

What became apparent was that the “big” decision was at the end of the day a small decision — as things tend to be when you look at your life, stepping back, to recognize all of the new opportunities that make themselves apparent when you let go and free fall a bit. It’s just the leap of faith that is the hardest thing to do. Once you have committed yourself to letting go, to moving forward in a new direction, the new wheels start turning and all of your personal resources kick in to make it work. Funny that.

Kate is getting married May 6th.

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