Let Go of ‘Tunnel’ Focus

April 13, 2006  

In Tuesday’s (April 11) Investor’s Business Daily, there is a great article on Goal-Free Living. Due to copyright restrictions, I can’t include the whole article. Here is the intro…

While goals are undoubtedly some of the most effective means of triggering action, it’s important not to get too single-minded and limit your opportunities.

So says Stephen Shapiro, a self-described “goalaholic” and founder of The 24/7 Innovation Group. He spent the summer of ’03 traveling and interviewing executives, students, athletes and “ordinary people with extraordinary lives” to learn their secrets to achieving big dreams.

Over and over, he found, “It isn’t about goals or about ambition. Instead, the secret is to treat your life like an unplanned and unpredictable trip down a scenic, winding country road.”

It’s a gutsy claim, but surveys conducted by Shapiro’s company — with the assistance of the Opinion Research Corp. of Princeton, N.J. — reveal that goals alone just might not be enough.

Forty-one percent of 1,310 polled said achieving their goals hasn’t made them happier. One in five admitted to ruining a friendship, marriage or relationship because of a goal, and one in three lost sleep.

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