Business Week featuring Goal-Free Living

January 23, 2006 has a new quiz entitled, “Ready to Start a Business?” Depending on your score, you might find that Goal-Free Living is the solution.

Take this quiz and see if the time is right for you to start making your vision a reality

So you dream of quitting your job and building a business from scratch. Psychologists, business professionals, and other experts agree that you need resources — from money to emotional support — to make your fantasy a reality. And people with certain personalities tend to fare better than others. For instance, someone who can adapt quickly to the unexpected and remain calm in a crisis might be better suited to running the show than an introvert who tends to stress about challenges. In which category do you fall? To find out if you’re ready for your second act, click here to go to the quiz.

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  1. Erin on January 31st, 2006 1:09 am

    Score! Looks like I’m ready to leave my job..
    unfortunately, they forgot to put options in like “() I already left my job”…
    so I’m not sure my score really counts.