Letters to the Editor — O Magazine

January 18, 2006  

The response to the O, The Oprah Magazine article about Goal-Free Living (written by Dawn Raffel, Executive Articles Editor for the magazine) was overwhelming. Several of the letters to the editor were shared with me. All were incredibly inspiring. In this month’s O, they published one of those letters. Enjoy.

My love for O was sparked anew with “Are Your Goals Holding You Back?” by Dawn Raffel. A few years ago, I felt lost and frustrated. My life was the result of the goals I had laid out for myself according to what my parents (lovingly) wanted for me. When I realized that happiness is a choice and that fulfillment comes when we slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy each moment, I had an awakening. I do have certain things I want to accomplish. But the possibilities are endless. The novel of my life has no determined ending – and that knowledge has given me a sense of freedom that’s hard to describe. The checklist mentality can take us only so far, and, as the article mentions, arriving at that one moment can leave something to be desired.

Rachel Climer
Vero Beach, Florida

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