New Endorsement — Mike Veeck

December 11, 2005  

“I thought so much of Stephen Shapiro’s Goal-Free Living that I incorporated his research into spots we are running for our ball clubs. Goals pick up where fun ends.” — Mike Veeck, Author of Fun is Good.

I am thrilled to receive Mike’s endorsement. Although we have never met, his reputation precedes him.

Mike, son of former Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck, runs six minor-league baseball teams including the Brockton Rox — my home town baseball team. Veeck is co-owner of the Rox (and other teams) with comedian Bill Murray, which is quite fitting. For all of Veeck’s teams, he drafted a business plan that begins with three simple words: “Fun is good.” This philosophy not only creates enjoyable evenings for everyone at his ballparks, it also has transformed a half-dozen money-losing or start-up teams into a thriving $25 million business. Be sure to read Mike’s colorful bio!

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