Creativity: Combining Two Ideas into One

September 24, 2005  

My corporate work focuses on creativity and innovation. Goal-Free Living is the personal manifestation of that work — creative living. From time to time I will post interesting tidbits on creative thinking in general.

As background, my perspective on creativity is very simple. It is not about invention. Rather it is about collecting and connecting dots — bringing together two (or more) ideas to create an altogether new idea.

What do you get when you combine a camcorder with an iPod? The JVC Everio G series. A digital camcorder that uses a hard drive rather than tape. Up to 7 hours of video on one hard drive. Plus you can do simple edits on the camera – like deleting scenes, even if they are in the middle of your “tape.” You can set up playlists (like on the iPod). Plus downloading to your computer is as simple as using iTunes. No need for the tape, which slows data transfer significantly.

As I think through the possibilities, I can see future generations of this product morphing into a video iPod-like player. Record not just your vacations, but potentially download your favorite videos or TV shows (a la TiVo To-Go) on this device. It is already portable enough to carry around. And, if they can separate the playback system from the lens and recording device, you might have the best of all worlds. A small detachable video player that can connect to a larger recorder.

Another interesting (yet less practical) combination of two things: a fork and a pizza cutter.

In your business (or life) how can you combine two ideas together to create something new? Stuck for ideas? Read magazines and rip out pictures or words that you find interesting. This is a great source of new ideas. Force yourself to make combinations.

In doing this, you may get an idea for a new product, a new service, or a new career.

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  1. Jason Bates on September 24th, 2005 4:19 pm

    Hey Steve, I know that this is your area, and I wondered if you had checked out “The Medici effect” by Frans Johansson It’s the best book I’ve read about Intersectional creativity and innovation… the authors blog also recently had a piece on pizza.. the Sewdish variety!
    Great blog, regards Jason.