Today, Feed the Ducks

September 23, 2005  

Yesterday for lunch I did something I haven’t done in a while. I went to the local park, brought along a book, and watched people feed the ducks on the pond. One guy had several loaves of chopped up bread that he threw to the ducks and birds. I assume he bought week (or month) old bread at a steep discount. It was a spectacular way to unwind and appreciate life. I overheard comments of one couple saying, “We should do this more often.” Someone else said, “This is my favorite thing to do.” This park is only a few miles away from me, and yet I have not been there in years. Sometimes the best things in life are right there in front of our noses….and free. And yet we are moving so fast that we don’t think to take advantage of these opportunities. Look around your neighborhood. Read the local newspaper. What are the simple pleasures you have overlooked? The ones that either you have forgotten or are too busy to do. Or maybe you are waiting for a friend to visit from out of town, because that is when you do the fun stuff. Don’t wait. Make time…today.

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