Declaring Independence

August 19, 2005  

The September issue of Money magazine has an excellent article entitled, “Declare Independence: How to have the life you want without a paycheck.” I was struck by the similarity of their subtitle, with the subtitle of Goal-Free Living (How to have the life you want NOW!). Although, “without a paycheck” and “NOW” are not exactly the same thing, they are quite similar. When applying a goal-free approach to career, people often free themselves from the confines of “traditional” work, sometimes quitting their job and going solo.

The Money article cites a 2004 study by the University of Zurich in which workers in 23 countries were surveyed. They found that the self-employed were substantially more satisfied than people who work for someone else — even if the self-employed work more and earn less. When living a live according to your own purpose and dreams, money becomes less important.

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