Email from Visitor

July 20, 2005  

I received the following email from a visitor to the website…

“I took a Goal Setting course in 1989. I reached one financial goal. Did not reach the others. Since 1989 life often interfered with my goal setting. Many of the twist and turns were painful, however I learned many lessons and because of those experiences my life if much richer. Goal Setting is over rated. Should I enjoy a wonderful Saturday reading and working in the garden or should I get down on myself because I wasted a Saturday by not ‘moving toward a goal?’ I’d rather enjoy just my Saturday. One day I decided to write down the happiest moments of my life. They included swimming under a waterfall, giving a speech in the Boy Scouts, playing the guitar, and dating my girl friend the summer after college. Not one of these happy events was the result of setting a goal!”

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