Goal-Free Denmark

May 31, 2005

Today I received an interesting email from someone who is a “recovering goalaholic” and is also Danish. He provided some interesting thoughts…

“The Danish people are probably the most laid-back in the world. Although overtime pay can be substantial, American companies in Denmark often complain about the challenge of getting Danes to work overtime. In spite of this, Denmark is one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

“And although the Danes are laid-back, our women’s handball team beat the Korean team — one of the most disciplined countries in the world. Similarly, our football (soccer) team didn’t get into the finals for the European Union championship until another team was disqualified. By that time, many of the Danish players had already taken off for their vacations. Regardless, we went on to the finals…and beat the Germans…a much larger nation.”

I found this perspective to be quite thought provoking. Although it is only anecdotal, maybe individuals can be “laid back” (enjoying life) and still be prosperous and successful.

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