April 11, 2005  

I attended a conference this weekend. One of the presenters was a top motivational speaker. Her presentation was mainly about how to set and achieve goals. And although I am goal-free, there were several things she said that resonated with me. She talked about how many times we get stuck where we are only because we believe that we don’t have the skills and experiences to achieve more. These limiting beliefs keep us playing small. She also gave many great examples of how things materialized in her life in ways in which she never planned. This is a good goal-free concept. By stating an intention, things seem to manifest themselves in unpredictable and effortless ways.

However, there was one part of her presentation that struck a nerve with me. She showed a picture of an athlete running hard during a competition. She asked the audience, “What is the expression on her face?” Everyone answered, “Determination.” The speaker continued, “Yes, determination. This is a picture of my grand daughter. She is very determined. And she is never satisfied.” Although most of the audience heard this as a good thing, it made me laugh. Never satisfied? Is that the way you want to live your life? Never being satisfied?

Being goal-free starts with “wanting what you have.” If you are never satisfied with your life now you will always want more. This creates a longing that can never be satisfied. If you can truly appreciate everything that you have in your life now, then you don’t “need” to get more; it’s just icing on the cake. I choose to be “always satisfied.”