Letters from Readers

January 26, 2005  

Today I want to share two emails I recently received from a couple of newletter and website readers. Keep the stories coming.


I am counsellor and weight-loss consultant for a reputable weight-loss company. I was recently asked to write an article for the newsletter about goal setting but something didn’t seem right to me. I facilitate groups and encourage clients to live in the “here and now” to visit the “future” and visit the “past” but not to lose sight of the here and now. Your web site and newsletter has helped me put goal free living into perspective.


When I was checking out the website on your book, it partly inspired my New Year’s resolution. Last semester I found myself complaining about school a lot, even saying how I felt like I was sacrificing my present enjoyment of life for my future. But, what I realized was that I really did want to be in school and it is the right thing for me to be doing, so I resolved to adjust my attitude towards it, to take advantage of and enjoy the opportunities, learning, and growth it offers. And it’s been going very well so far!